“I partner with brands to craft and share their unique stories that move the needle at the intersection of business and culture. I am also the Founder of Doer House™ built for Millennial Creatives and Professionals of Color.” - T.Moore

Timothy J. Moore, better known as “T.Moore,” is a Saint Louis native who was nicknamed “Rabbit” as a toddler because he was always moving and that story still stands true today.

These days, T.Moore is navigating the world as a Creative Director specializing in branding, content creation, and production. He has created content for global brands including Adidas, Airbnb, K-Swiss Global, Mercedes Benz, Disney and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy just to name a few. Using his personal brand as a platform to change narratives and engage with audiences that stretch generations, he curates physical activations such as upscale curated productions, workshops, and conferences.

As a sought-after empowerment and transformational speaker he travels nationally on a mission to have conversations with students, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate thought leaders that have their finger on the pulse of culture, community, the powerful world of content and more. Through his blend of humor, faith and relatable real life experiences he inspires his audiences to find their own unique voice, harness their God-given talents, build thoughtful, impactful brands and “Step Into Your Purpose.”

T.Moore is a culture icon who displays the power of planting seeds and dreaming big to move the needle, and as the the Founder of Doer House™ (a company committed to educating, empowering and amplifying the voice of creatives and professionals of color nationally) he and his team contribute effort to that vision everyday! T.Moore is a true agent of change and scholar in the creative industry.